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11:39 am

E-commerce startups are choosing VPS servers over other solutions

Server virtualization keeps making its way into users’ hearts, with more affordable VPS solutions springing up on the market every day. When introduced to the public almost ten years ago, Virtual Private Servers were meant as a transitional solution between shared and dedicated servers. However, times have changed and today a growing number of providers[continue...]

7:32 am

August Savings on TLD Domains!

August is here in full swing with a handful of domain name promotions that are sure to please you. As of today, you can save big on a total of 11 attractive TLD offers where first-year registration discounts reaching up to 84% off the original price. Most of the promotional prices are valid until the[continue...]

2:14 pm

New summer TLD promotions are available

July is here to mark the start of the long-awaited summer vacation and the blissful idleness associated with it, so it’s time to shake things up with some cool TLD promotions! Starting today, you can order attractive first-year domain registration, which cover some of the top-selling country-code TLDs like .IN and .US, as well as[continue...]

6:28 pm

What is a VPS Server?

The other day we talked about the different types of VPS technology in use today. Today I want to talk about what exactly a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is. Wikipedia defines it as: A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they[continue...]

1:45 pm

Taking a look at VPS virtulization methods

We are commonly asked by our clients "Whats the difference between KVM and OpenVZ?" or really any other type of VPS software out there. In reality there is no right or wrong answer, but rather what do you hope to accomplish with your server. On top of that consideration you also should consider the price.[continue...]

10:07 am

.XYZ promo – Get one for just $2!

.xyz is pushing the reset button on the internet to offer the most flexible and affordable domain names ever. It is a bold, fresh choice for users who crave creativity and versatility in a domain name. .xyz gives internet users an innovative new platform to connect with the world in a whole new way. Until[continue...]

5:57 pm

Complete revamp to our Dedicated Servers

Due to their ability to offer maximum amounts of resources and utmost levels of flexibility. When you need absolute reliability for your business or e-commerce site you can do no better than a dedicated server. We have just revamped our dedicated server offerings to to give you a wider choice of dedicated server solutions for[continue...]

10:12 am

Summer KVM and OpenVZ VPS sale is ON: KVM and OpenVZ VPS packages for only $1/mo for 3mo!

Summer is all but here, and it’s time for some awesome VPS service promotions. Get started with the entry-level KVM VPS package and/or the non-managed OpenVZ VPS packages are now offered at just $1 USD per month for the first three months after the signup date. Why KVM and OpenVZ VPS servers? Virtual Private Servers[continue...]

4:46 pm

What hosting companies do to ensure top site performance & improve search engine rankings

Generally speaking, good design lies at the heart of any successful website. However, neither the best web design layout nor the most reliable framework solution could make up for the glitches of the underlying web hosting service. You may have the best-looking site on the web, but if it suffers from frequent ‘hiccups’ (‘hiccup’ is[continue...]

12:08 pm

.FAMILY and .PARTY nTLDs now open for registration

There is something really special about the new breed of domain name extensions – the so-called nTLDs. Not only do they offer fresh alternatives to the much-crowded universal TLDs like .COM and .CO – they are here to charge your website with a sense of mission. We have just added another two nTLDs – .FAMILY[continue...]